Teen And Cow Lose At State Fair, Take A Nap Together And Win Hearts Of Millions Instead


    15-year-old Mitchell Miner from Iowa and his lovingly cared for and trusty cow Audri were photographed napping together at the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show. While there are countless stories like this one about the deep bonds that can form between humans and animals, this one, in particular, one of a boy and a cow, shows just how powerful those bonds can be when we really take the time to know an animal.
    Mitchell and Audri didn’t win a blue ribbon, but soon after, won the hearts of folks around the globe via this beautiful photograph, that quickly went viral online even drawing the attention of large media outlets like CBS News and Fox News and giving all of us a peek into the lives of proud hard-working Mid-westerners.

    Both Mitchell and Audri were exhausted from the weeks of preparation before the contest and the day of the event both woke at 3 am to get ready for the show. According to the Des Moines Register, Mitchell Miner and his bovine pal, Audri, had spent weeks preparing for the show and after several days in a row of these early-morning wake-up calls, both boy and cow were pretty worn out.
    So after the contest, (with Audri taking 5th place out of 7 contestants!), both decided to take a well-needed nap and a lucky photographer (his Dad!) snapped a photo that regardless of whether you were raised as a city kid or as a country kid, immediately tugs at your heartstrings.

    Even though Audri didn’t take the top prize as Mitchell had hoped, he was still proud of all of the hard work they both put into taking care of Audri.
    This viral response to this engaging photograph though caused the Des Moines Register to question, “what is it about the photo that touched people?”

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